Our Profile

EUPF is a Bulgarian non-profit organization active in the field of European cooperation in education and training, including vocational training, youth issues, lifelong learning and intercultural communication. EUPF puts forward and implements project initiatives on local, national and EU level fostering innovative approaches in all sectors through partnerships and networking, sharing experience and engagement of all stakeholders. Our activities are particularly targeted at contributing to the accomplishment of the cohesion policy of the EU. We offer support to public and private institutions to improve their skills and competences in project initiation and implementation by organizing workshops, trainings and other educational activities.

Our objectives

EUPF's main objectives are to encourage social, economic, technological and educational co-operation on local, European and international level and common initiatives for improvement of the quality of life through education and human resources development, transfer of knowledge, cultural exchange and social integration, environment protection and cross-border cooperation.

In order to accomplish the above mentioned objectives EUPF organizes and participates in national and international meetings, conferences, courses and seminars, disseminates knowledge through publishing and other means, provides technical expert support to municipalities, NGOs and other legal and physical entities.

The activities of EUPF are based up on the conviction that people and their institutions, skills and knowledge are the most critical and essential resource for development.

Our team

The team of EUPF possesses extensive experience in promoting multi-sector interaction, bringing together local communities and establishing interregional networks for lifelong learning, project management and active citizenship. EUPF comprises a group of individuals with substantial backgrounds in the field of EU project management, vocational training and knowledge management .


EUPF offers support to public and private institutions in the field of project management and implementation through organizing workshops, trainings and other educational activities. Each training programme is specifically designed to meet the needs of a particular target group, there is however a general framework of activities such as:

  • Guidance, information and case studies
  • Workshops, seminars and site visits
  • Group networking and knowledge sharing
  • Training / advice and courses.